Exploration Craft - Mobile game


Exploration Craft is a free infinite 3D Voxel game available on both Android and iOS. 

Exploration Craft was first released on the Google Play in 2015 and then later ported on the AppleStore and Huawei Store. After 5years, the game has reached over 55 millions unique users over the world (all platforms combined). With over 140k reviews and a average ratings of 4.2/5.  

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A recent playlist of 120+ videos of the game, made by the community. And on the right the trailer of the game

Technical aspect and more

Exploration Craft was developed in C++ 11 with a custom engine based on OpenGL 2.0 specially made for the game. Java (android) and Obj-c (iOS) are also used to handle platform specific things like Rewarded Ads, In-App purchases, subscription, permissions...

The only dependencies of this game are :

-Assimp to load (.fbx) models

-Zlib compress the chunks in memory. (Some mobile devices comes with less than 256mb ram available, so temporarily compressing unused data is a must in our case)

-Fmod to manage the audio

-Raknet providing a thin reliable layer over the UDP protocol. 

The game is supported on 32/64bit devices with 256mb RAM but it's recommend to have atleast 512mb of RAM to have a good ingame experience

Exploration Craft also has a multiplayer DLC that can be downloaded by the name of Skyblock : Multiplayer

This version offers a free multiplayer mode (up to 200 concurrent players per room)

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